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Music you should listen to... because I say so

This is the music I think desirves sone attention

Music Reviews and stuff.

Hawthorne Heights

They're cool trust me

Blink 182 - Blink 182

Their new CD shows a lot of maturity. I've actually listened to the whole thing and there isn't a song I don't like, even though 'Feeling This' got really annoying real fias. They actually calaborated with people and moved towards a more Boxcar Racer-ish sound. The old Blink was cool but I think that this is just as good

Into The Silence

They're an Indianapolis band that is really orignal and have a lot of talent. They are awsome live too. You should really give them a listen.

Music I'm into at the moment

- The Postal Service
- Sarah Mclachlan
- Yellowcard
- My Chemical Romance
And now and always
-Linkin Park